Reusable Gel Cool Pack: Kai the Koala


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Kai the Koala is the perfect ice/cool pack to help cool and soothe knocks and bruises!

These BodyIce ice packs are of premium quality and conveniently come with easy to use straps to keep them in place! They are cute and colourful, and are designed to cool and soothe knocks and bruises, providing instant comfort when your little one needs it most.

These cooling pads are made from medical grade PVC and contain non-toxic gel beads which are super fun for tactile play.

You can store your ice packs in the fridge so that they’re ready for children to grab when needed (or for play time!).

Simple, fun, safe and effective cold compress for kids!

Ice pack package measures 14.3cm x 14cm and the ice pack itself is the perfect size for little hands!

Benefits of the Kai the Koala:

  • Durable and reusable
  • Instant pain relief
  • Straps included to keep the pack in place
  • Non-toxic and child safe
  • Great distraction tool!


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