Little Ouch + Tick Removal Card Combo


Meet the Little Ouch… small but mighty! Pair it with a Tick Removal Card and you have got a serious combo.

The Little Ouch is perfect for those bags or pockets that are small, but you still want to be prepared for minor injuries. For extra peace of mind, the easy to use tick removal card fits into the Little Ouch like a pea in a pod.

The lovely purple or aqua zipper adds a pop of colour against the timeless, wipeable spotty fabric.

The Little Ouch contains:

  • Wound cleansing wipes (4)
  • Plasters (15)
  • Stickers for distraction (10)
  • Plus… the tick removal card


More about the Tick Removal Card:

This credit- card sized Tick Removal Card by Lifesystems is an absolute MUST for parents.

It is easy to use and ensures that the cheeky little tick is removed in one whole piece which is essential.

We love that it has a magnifying window, and a smaller removal optional for children and ticks in tricky places.

This tick removal cars is tried and tested, and it is absolutely essential for safe, quick and correct tick removal.


Price includes 2nd Class delivery to UK mainland.