Bonfire Safety. Remember, remember!

Are you heading off to see some fireworks this weekend? Have a quick read of this before you head out so you feel prepared on how to keep your child safe on Bonfire night.

The British Burns Association say that the safest way to see fireworks is by attending an actual organised event. It’s safe, run by experts, and fireworks are set off without the distraction of little ones running around excitedly. Don’t forget ear defenders for those sensitive little ears!

The use of sparklers at home has definitely become increasingly common over the last couple of years. If you are planning on celebrating with sparklers, with either bigger kids or babies, here are a few reminders: 

  • Brace yourself… are you ready to hear the official advice?! It is recommended that kiddies under 5 don’t hold sparklers. The reason being is that they might not be strong enough to hold them safely. This might be tough to adhere to… I get it. Read on to find out how to be as safe as possible. 
  • Ensure children to only hold one sparkler at a time, and teach them to keep them at arms length.
  • Once they are out, pop them in a bucket of water. They get super hot (an estimated 16-20 times hotter than the temperature of boiling water) so this will cool them down quickly.
  • Remember the old sparkler in a carrot trick, and wear gloves as an extra precaution. (See a pic of my (relatively reluctant) son below if you want a visual.)
  • Definitely don’t be tempted to hold a sparkler at the same time you are holding your little bub. (I know this one sounds super obvious, but I also know that you (yes, you) are a multi-tasking super parent).
Here’s an image of my reluctant child demonstrating the old carrot and glove sparkler safety set up.

What if some clothing does catch on fire?

Remember STOP, DROP, and ROLL.

STOP, DROP and ROLL is what we must do if clothing actually catches alight. It will put out the flames, and then it’s time to treat the burn using “The 3 C’s”: COOL, CALL, COVER.

If you are on Instagram, remind yourself of The 3 C’s of burn management with this really visual post.

And if you are out and about, it’s always reassuring to know you have the essential first aid supplies you need in case of a minor injury. If you don’t have something like this, take a look at our pushchair friendly Ouch Pouches here.