6 safety reminders for bath time

Whether you have a new baby, or a splashing toddler, here are some helpful tips to keep bath time safe.

1. No distractions! This means no phone, no scrolling, no reading book, etc. Constant adult supervision is the golden rule for the prevention of drowning. Keep your eyes on your child.

2. Fill the bath with only enough for washing and play. Belly button height is perfect for a child that can sit independently.

3. The bath is really slippery. To combat this, invest in a bath mat! You can easily find one on Amazon or in-store in good baby shops.

4. Let’s talk bath plugs…. keep them out of reach from inquisitive toddlers, and ALWAYS pull them out immediately after you have finished in the bath. If you have a cheeky little one, you might even need to hide the bath plug away so they cannot find the plug and initiate their own bath time when you don’t have your eyes on the,.

5. Get organised! Make sure you get everything ready beforehand so that you don’t have to leave the bathroom. Think PJs, bath wash, towel, nappy, anything else you need. Be your future friend. Again, keep your eyes on your child at all times.

6. Remember to keep the bath temperature between 37- 38 degrees. Pssst- ever wondered why we use our elbow to test the water temperature?! It is because it is more sensitive to heat than the hand! This makes it a perfect way of testing the temperature. Of course, you might have a device that floats in the water and shows you the exact temperature- well done! I still recommend testing the temperature with your elbow so that you can get a feel for what the correct temperature is.

Hopefully these little reminders have been helpful.

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