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Which Baby & Child First Aid course is right for me?

Updated: Apr 11

Baby & Child First Aid... or Confidence with Choking Masterclass?

Parents ask me this often, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about it.

The short answer is:

They are both awesome and empowering. But of course I would day that.

Our signature 2 hour Baby & Child First Aid session covers a range of medical conditions and situations: CPR, choking identification and management, febrile seizures, meningitis and sepsis awareness, burns management, recovery positions and head injury management.

The Confidence with Choking Masterclass covers just that: confidence with choking. This is aimed at parents who are feeling particularly worried about weaning, or have had a bad experience with choking in the past. To date, 100% of participants have completed the masterclass feeling confident that they could both IDENTIFY and MANAGE a choking episode. So awesome.

In fact, check out this review one participant posted on Instagram: "So informative and a lot of information covered on a very serious subject, but covered in a lighthearted and friendly way. I have had severe anxiety over choking for the last few years and have even had cognitive behavioural therapy to try to resolve it, but have found this masterclass to be so much more helpful. I now feel confident moving my son from pure on to baby lead weaning which will be so much more fun for him! Thank you Sammy." Wow. Just wow.

Click here to book a session or masterclass.

Of course, if you are still unsure, pick up the blower (that's the phone in Aussie talk) and give me a call and we can nut it out together.

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