Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to learn first aid?

This is a nice and easy one. YES! We believe that every man, woman, child and dog (!?) should have a good understanding of the essential first aid principles. It is seriously life saving stuff.

Which course is for me?

If you are unsure, send us a quick email via our 'Contact Us' page. Be sure to include your circumstances and we will happily help you decide.

How much are your sessions?

Prices are as follows: 2 hour Baby & Child First Aid £20 per person Weaning Workshop £20 per person Paediatric First Aid cost TBA

Can I bring my baby to the session?

If you are attending the 2 hour Baby & Child Session or our Weaning Workshop... of course! Babies in arms (less than a year old) are more than welcome at these two sessions.

Are you interested in collaborating with me and my business?

At Happy Hearts we seriously believe that teamwork makes the dream work. If you have any awesome ideas, would like to work with us, or have any pearls of wisdom, please get in touch.

Do you run private sessions?

Yes! We are happy to come to your home or workplace! We generally need a minimum of 6 people. Please contact us for further information.