This is me. Sammy Davies.

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Before having children, I worked for over a decade managing critically unwell patients. I specialised in Nursing Education, and loved teaching nurses both at the bedside and within the University sector. 


Throw another shrimp on the barbie and all of that jazz. 

But seriously, I have a pretty relaxed approach to life and my first aid training sessions aren't scary. 

Mum of three.

I had three kids in the space of 3.5 years. Pass me the coffee. 

Lover of evidence and research.

But it's okay... I make it engaging to listen to, and fun to learn.

Someone who believes that learning 

first aid can be fun.

I have been a first aid trainer for over 5 years. This is life-saving stuff, yes.

But... it is well documented that you will learn more if you are having fun.